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SEEK adaptations in RIL for Galaxy S3

The project seek-for-android aims to add APIs for Android to communicate with secure elements regardless of their form-factor (e.g. UICC, SD card or embedded SE). The SEEK team published patches for AOSP that influence the telephony framework, the ASSD kernel and the NFC framework. Based on those changes the SmartCard API gives developers the possibility to develop security feature enhanced applications that make use of a secure element.

Latest futurezone report

Check out the latest report about our research center at futurezone (in German):


How to build AOSP Kernel for Galaxy Nexus

Building an AOSP Kernel Galaxy Nexus GT-I9520 Version 4.2.2

Generate Folder:

generate a folder of you choice on your file system. In This case it is KERNEL_AOSP

Download Sources:

switch into the KERNEL_AOSP folder

Official introduction of u'smile

Last week on Friday we had the official introduction event of our research center. Together with several representatives from politics, business and science we discussed about the future of mobile phones and the importance of user-friendly security functionalities.

More information about the successful event in official press releases:

How to flash SuperSmile

This is a tutorial on how to install our SuperSmile ROM to your Android device. You can find the ROM for all supported devices (currently S2 and S3) in the downloads section.

How to build SuperNexus for Galaxy S3 on Linux

SuperNexus is a project that focusses on providing Google Nexus experience on Samsung devices. The ROM is based on AOSP code with slight improvements and optimizations (e.g. battery life time). It is great ROM if you want the basic Google layout without modifications from the operator or manufacturer on your mobile phone.

How to customize your Android boot animation

This short tutorial helps you to create your own custom boot animation for Android. It requires an existing animation in form of several png files where each file represents one frame.

Kick-Off meeting

Last friday was our kick-off meeting in Hagenberg. The whole consortium took part and we had very interesting discussions about the future of our research group.

Security leak in Google Wallet

Michael Roland, a colleague at the research facilities, found a major security bug in the Google Wallet. With a men in the middle attack an intruder was able to monitor and access credit card transfers. Check out the details on futurezone.


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