Reference exporter: Jabref to RTF (Microsoft Word)

If you need to use references in MS-Word, but usually work with Jabref and want to keep your references stored in a single place, you can use the Jabref to RTF export functionality shipped with Jabref. We've created a demo for exporting Jabref references to (almost) fit the Harvard style required for the IJPCC (

How to create own layout files for .rtf export:

  1. Download the jabref.jar from and extract the files in resource/layout/harvard (to only name one Jabref to .rtf-example)
  2. Manipulate those files to your needs - they are basically self explanatory. A list of keywords is available at, but unfortunately this list seems to be incomplete. You can further add new, not yet existing layout files (e.g. for manuals) - they get applied automatically if the type of publication in your .bib file matches.

How to include these files to Jabref to perform an export:

  1. Jabref->Options->Manage custom exports->Add new. The main layout file is the .layout file within the extracted layout files - without any publication type, such as article. The file extension is the export file extension, so "rtf" if you want to copy them to a MS-Word document later.
  2. Jabref->File->Export: chose your custom export here to finally perform the export.

You can download the demo exporter files here: