Android Security Symposium 2015

Using Android security for governmental PKI: Opportunities and challenges

About the speaker

Pekka Laitinen

Population Register Centre, Helsinki, Finland
Pekka Laitinen is a Senior Analyst in Development and Production team of Certification Authority Services group at Population Register Centre (PRC). He joined PRC in February 2013 and is responsible for research and development in the mobile PKI area. Prior his work at PRC, he worked 16 years as a researcher at Nokia Research Center, Helsinki. At Nokia, Pekka was a member of the security research group, which succeeded in effecting several technology transfers to Nokia business units.


The talk provides a view of a governmental CA provider on Android's hardware based security. Can it be used for governmental PKI? What are the opportunities and challenges? How to do the registration, enrollment, and usage of the credential securely but still user friendly way? There are a lot of issues to be solved but we are getting there.


Get the slides here.