Android Security Symposium 2015

Lessons from the trenches: An inside look at Android security

About the speaker

Nick Kralevich

Google, Mountain View, CA, USA
Nick Kralevich is head of Android platform security at Google and one of the original members of the Android security team. In his 7 years in Android, he led the development of Android's key security features and has been on the forefront of modern operating system security. Nick's expertise is in defensive security technologies with a focus on native code hardening, application containment, and exploit mitigation.


When Android was first released in 2008, few could have recognized the impact it would have on the mobile world. Today, it is the largest mobile operating system in existence, with billions of users trusting their most sensitive data to Android.

In this talk, Nick will discuss the evolution of Android security from the beginning to today, and give you an inside look into the Android security. What are the things that worked well for Android? What are the things that haven't work? Where will we go in the future? And what are the philosophies that guide our every day decision making?


Get the slides here.