Android Security Symposium 2017

An introduction to Android application security testing

About the speaker

Nikolay Elenkov

LINE, Tokyo, Japan
Nikolay Elenkov has been working on enterprise security projects for the past 10 years. He has developed security software on various platforms, ranging from smart cards and HSMs to Windows and Linux servers. He became interested in Android shortly after Android's initial public release and is the author of Android Security Internals.
He currently works at LINE's Security department.


This presentation will provide a brief introduction to Android application security testing,
and highlight some essential tools and methods for analyzing Android applications.

We will cover static analysis, network traffic analysis, different methods for obtaining app
data, as well as several techniques for dynamic analysis and method hooking. Finally, we will
highlight some of the more common vulnerabilities found in Android applications, and provide
hints to help spot them quickly.


Get the slides here.